The SITE Centre for Public Safety (CPS), became the first Accredited Testing Centre (ATC) for the International Public Safety Qualifications Authority (IPSQA) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As the newest ATC in the region, CPS can offer the full range of IPSQA Certification products including their flagship Certificate in Public Safety (CertPubS) series.

CertPubS is the world’s only ISO 17024:2012 multi-role professional certification scheme for public safety professionals. A key difference beyond traditional competency based systems focused on skills and knowledge, is that IPSQA’s ISO 17024 scheme also has professional requirements that requires experience also meaning graduates are mission ready, not just trained.

Using ISO 17024:2012 ensures that assessment is independent, impartial, reliable, fair and transparent which is changing the way industry certifies people following decades of certifications schemes that are largely attendance based or do not have robust active and passive quality assurance mechanisms.

IPSQA’s additional quality assurance mechanisms for CertPubS includes passive monitoring of assessment evidence and final assessment of a portfolio of evidence by an assessor that is domiciled outside the candidate’s country to mitigate cultural and political interference – meaning employers can have high confidence in the the competence and experience of a holder for a specified role.

In addition to the ISO 17024 schemes, IPSQA Accredited Testing Centres can also offer the new CorePass certification which is a light touch assessment, that does not require professional experience aimed at community level resilience for tasks such as first aid, fire warden, fire extinguisher, tactical communications and more.